Benefits of Being Environmentally Friendly Business

9 Green Business Solutions: Benefits of Being Environmentally Friendly Business

The benefits of being environmentally friendly business greatly outweigh not becoming an environmentally friendly business. There is money to gain, along with community respect and you will be taking care of the environment. Below we list out the 9 benefits of being environmentally friendly business.

9 Benefits of being environmentally friendly business

1. Respect from the greater community
People love to see when their local company is taking part in becoming an eco-friendly business. When you implement and openly advertise your environmentally friendly business activities you will most likely receive a more positive view of your brand and and as a result bring in more sales too.

2. Save money
By doing environmentally friendly activities such as switching off lights, recycling paper, refilling cartridges and using solar power can help save money in your business running costs allowing you to either pocket the extra profits or put it back into your business.

3. Save resources and time ordering them
By recycling within your company you will be using up less resources and will find that you will be saving time and storage as you won’t have to order as many resources as often.

4. Looking after your community
Reducing your carbon emissions if you have any will help in making the air quality better in your area. You will also be producing less waste for landfill and if you install water tanks you will also be using less water from the community.

5. Saving energy
One of the benefits of being environmentally friendly business is that you will be saving energy. This will reduce the running cost of your business. You can do this by turning off anything electric including lights when they are not in use, installing solar power and selecting electronic appliances that have a good energy star rating.

6. Less cost in mailing out junk mail
Back in the day mail outs were a good way of letting the community know about your business and offers. But these days many people prefer emails and throw out what they call “Junk Mail”. By sending emails to subscribers or using online marketing to advertise your business you are saving money on printing cost and delivery and you can pinpoint your target and get real data on how your marketing campaigns are going.

7. Make money from selling power back into the grid
You can reduce the cost of running your business even further just by selling the power that you make from having solar panels. Any power that you don’t use for you company can be sold back into the grid and may give you some extra money to invest in better places in the business.

8. Claim installment of energy efficient machinery and equipment on tax
If you are installing solar panels and environmentally friendly equipment to be solely used for your business then you can claim it on tax as a business expense, so if your sitting on the fence about making the change because of the initial cost then this might help with making the decision.

9. Taking care of the planet
Overall you will be taking care of the planet as well and helping the fight against climate change. The biggest of the benefits of being environmentally friendly business is that you will be looking after the environment for the generations to come.

If you would like to read about tips on how to be environmentally friendly at home as well you can read our article on “What is Energy Conservation and How Can you Save Energy at Home?” or if you would like to see how we can help you can get solar panels installed for your business contact us today.

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