How Solar Works

how-solar-worksSolar panels are about harnessing the sun to produce free electricity into the foreseeable future. The electricity produced by the solar power system can then be used in your home or business. Any excess solar power unused may be eligible to be sold back to the grid.

bi-directional-meterTo be eligible to install a solar power system and receive a FIT (feed-in tariff), your electricity retailer must install a new bi-directional meter for reporting the units of incoming and outgoing (from the solar system) power.

extar-powerYour solar power system will always provide electricity to appliances or equipment switched on before the electricity retailer supplies extra power if needed. If in the cases that you require additional power, you will draw this from the electricity retailer’s grid network.

roof-top-solar-systemYour roof top solar system creates DC (direct current) electricity which must be converted into AC (alternating current) electricity for use in your premises. This conversion is done through our high performance solar inverters.

UV-lightAlthough your solar power system will only work where there is UV light, be assured that the switch between the solar panel system and the grid will be automatic. There is never a transition time nor do you have to switch anything manually.