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What is Energy Conservation and How Can you Save Energy at Home?

In modern times we are seeing more and more Australians become increasingly aware of our impact on the environment and the issues surrounding climate change, using up our finite resources and the overall world population growth. Luckily, things are getting better with technologies to help look after the environment and create more sustainable living. Even recently we are seeing the government step in and put in-place new initiatives and laws to cut down on the usage of one-use plastics. So what is energy conservation?

What is energy conservation?

When speaking in environmental terms, energy conservation is the practice of taking actions that minimise the use of energy resources. Energy conservation results in individuals being more environmentally friendly by reducing the use of non-renewable energy sources. This helps to reduce the effects of climate change and pollution in our environment.

Energy conservation is made of a group of habits and strategies that all people can easily implement in their daily lives and in their workplace. Whether these actions be switching off lights or using renewable energy sources to power, every bit of energy conserved counts towards the bigger picture.

When energy is saved through energy conservation activities, it helps improve the quality of the environment, gives countries independence from importing resources such as coal or fuel, saves money for individuals and delays resources being depleted in the future.

One way to conserve energy is to use energy efficient appliances, looking out for products that might consume the same type of energy but makes the energy span over longer amounts of time, this is often referred to as efficient energy use. Fridges, clothes dryers and washing machines are all examples of products that vary in energy efficiency at home. There are numerous different ways you can conserve energy at home, below we have listed out 24 ways to conserve energy within your home or business.

Ways in which you can conserve energy

  1. Switch off your lights when you leave the room
  2. Install solar power at your home and at your business to save non-renewable energy and money
  3. Use a reusable cup for your coffee instead of a non-reusable cup
  4. Switch off and unplug home appliances when they are not in-use
  5. Invest in good insulation in your home to balance out the temperature
  6. Limit shower times and don’t leave the tap running when you brush your teeth
  7. Turn off the TV whilst you aren’t watching it
  8. Look for better energy star ratings on your white goods.
  9. Dry your clothes outside in the sun instead of in a dryer
  10. Ensure your laundry machine and dishwasher is full before switching them on
  11. When stove top cooking use the right size element for your pot
  12. Avoid printing business documents that you don’t truly need
  13. Sell your solar made power back into the grid
  14. Use lower oven temperatures by cooking in glass or ceramic
  15. Use light bulbs that use less energy like CFL or LED energy saving bulbs
  16. Recycle paper for other uses around the house
  17. Take public transport to work or invest in a more eco-friendly car
  18. Take showers instead of hot baths
  19. Clean your air-con filters to lessen the amount of energy needed to heat or cool your home
  20. Air dry your dishes instead of letting your dishwasher do it
  21. Turn down your thermostat on your water heater to 48 degrees celsius to save energy
  22. Turn off printers when leaving work and computers when leaving work
  23. Use power strips for appropriate appliances and switch the strip off when you leave
  24. Seal any air leaks in your house and business buildings

We hope this answers your question on what is energy conservation. By implementing all of the above you will not only be conserving energy and looking after the environment but you will also be able to shave a lot of money off of your yearly energy and resources bills.

Overall the best way to conserve energy is to invest in good quality solar panels so that you can conserve energy and can save a lot of money on your household and business expenses by doing so.

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