advantages of renewable energy

The 10 Key Advantages of Renewable energy

We could go on and on about the advantages of renewable energy, there are endless financial and environmental benefits. So we have created this article to give you just 10 of the key advantages of renewable energy to help you in making the switch.

1. Clean, Safe & Efficient
One of the advantages of renewable energy is that it’s clean, sustainable energy that is non-pollutant and for as long as the sun is shining, it will never run out. Australia has more sunny days than most countries, Perth in particular has been said to be the sunniest city in the world with 147 full sunny days and 121 partially sunny days.

2. Numerous methods for creating renewable power
There is now so many ways we can create renewable energy, technology is constantly developing and now we are seeing solar power roads, solar power phone chargers and many other options.

3. Gives your country energy independence
By using renewable energy you aren’t relying on fossil fueled power that comes from overseas countries that control the pricing. If more people switched to renewable energy, there may be a day when we no longer need to import fossil fuels from other countries.

4. Provides jobs for your local community
The renewable energy industry is highly labour intensive, which means you will be helping in providing thousands of jobs nationwide and supporting your local community.

5. Doesn’t rely on the main power grid
Every Australian has been in this situation. It’s a 40+ degree day and you turn the air-con on high but then there is a blackout because the whole town is doing the same. With solar power you now don’t have to worry about any blackouts, as you can rely on your own renewable energy instead.

6. Stable costs
Your local energy company controls the pricing of your electricity, so this means it can go up and down at any time, it can also sometimes be unpredictable as occasionally meter checkers do an estimate instead of coming out and actually checking your power meter. With renewable energy you don’t have to worry about this.

7. Can enjoy the summer and winter whilst indoors
Now you can keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter with renewable energy. Normally the heating and cooling bill are the biggest bills you will receive throughout the year and we all tend to hold back on using up energy knowing how much it will cost, so renewable energy will help offset or even eliminate this problem.

8. Save & make money
By using renewable energy you will be saving money and if there is excess power that you produce, you can sell that energy back into the grid. As a business that becomes eco-friendly and uses renewable energy, you might also find that advertising that you are a sustainable business will result in more customers and improved brand recognition.

9. Global warming
By using renewable energy you will help in reducing the effects of climate change due to global warming by not using finite resources like fossil fuels that create greenhouse gases and harm the environment.

10. Pays itself off
After the initial cost of investing in the installation of renewable energy you will find that it will pay itself off within a few years, whether that’s in savings from bills or selling excess energy back into the grid.

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    Great article! One more benefit is noise level. Solar power systems operate silently, without any noise pollution, unlike some other renewable energy sources.

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