Solar vs Natural Gas: Everything you need to know about clean energy

If you are thinking about whether to install natural gas or solar power you may be wondering what the differences actually are between the two. Even though natural gas sounds like a clean energy source from its name, there is actually a lot of difference. That is why we decided to create this helpful blog on Solar vs Natural Gas.


Natural Gas Solar Energy
● Natural gas is considered cleaner than burning oil or coal. But it still creates emissions, even the way in which it is extracted from the earth, transported and then treated generates excess emissions. ● Solar energy creates no emissions!
● Unless you own a mining company, natural gas will cost you money and cannot make any money for you either. ● Solar power will save you money off of your electricity bill and you may be able to sell the excess energy you generate back into the grid.
● Natural gas, just like many other energy providing resources is a fossil fuel which is a non-renewable type of energy. This means that unfortunately when burnt it creates more greenhouse gases to contribute to global warming. It also means that when it runs out, it will take thousands of years to produce more. ● Because solar energy is produced from the sun, you have no worries about it running out. It is widely accessible in Australia and particularly in Perth, Western Australia.
● In the process of extracting natural gas from the earth, there is evidence that it is severely harming rivers, lakes and aquatic life. This is also terrible for people’s health and wellbeing. ● Solar power doesn’t need to be mined and therefore doesn’t harm our precious water resources. Australia is lucky to be one of the very few countries left with clean water systems.
● Natural gas can take up space inside of your home, garden or business. ● Solar panels can be conveniently placed on the roof.

As you can easily see, solar power is way in the front of the Solar vs Natural Gas debate. Solar energy is clean, free, an investment and an unlimited renewable resource that looks after you and the planet.

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