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The Change in Solar Power Price Over the Last 5 Years

2013 doesn’t seem that long ago but so much has changed in only 5 years, including changes in solar power price. Luckily whilst everything else seems to be getting more and more expensive due to the earth running low on resources and fossil fuels, in terms of solar power price things are actually getting better and more accessible for businesses and residents of Australia to install.

There are also exciting developments in technology that are improving solar panels and their energy storage. You can now install home battery storage units which means you can store your solar energy and use it when you need to.

Another exciting solar power price change is that the prices of purchasing the panels and installing them have dropped by around 20-30% in the span of 5 years. This is due to more people switching over to solar power for their homes and businesses to become more environmentally friendly whilst saving money, therefore the solar power industry has been able to grow, meaning materials can be purchased in bulk and the savings can be passed onto the customer.

Solar power has become so accessible that even with the government incentives slowly closing down for each state, it has still been attractive to people who are interested in investing in their homes and commercial buildings.

We now have a record number of 11.5 million solar panels installed nationally upon rooftops and in large-scale solar farms, 1 in 5 homes in Australia sell their excess energy back into the grid.

According to the clean energy regulator, Australia has increased its solar energy system size by 200% as a result of decreasing prices due to increasing developments in solar technology. Which is exciting news for Australia with our goal to become a cleaner, greener country. You can read more about solar power statistics on our blog here.

Prices for solar power installation in Australia have also fallen more dramatically over the past 5 years in Perth and Brisbane in comparison to other cities around the country. Although the decline has slowed, we predict that with the development of technology and the increase in people switching to solar power, prices will continue to decrease.

In Perth, there is still the chance to take advantage of some of the government incentives for installing solar power, so if you are considering making the change, now is the best time to take advantage of the incentives.

At Solar Naturally, we can help you with any information you need to know on solar power and solar power price. Contact us today for more information.

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