Waterloo Village Caravan Park (38.88kW)

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The Waterloo Village is WA’s best lifestyle choice to Rest, Retire and Relax. As a successful regional small business, owner Greg looked at the business’ cost structure and asked: “How can we improve our bottom line and do it fast so we can continue to remain competitive in the market place?” His first thought turned to the largest expense most businesses have – electricity.

Solar Naturally was able to demonstrate that not only would Waterloo Villagereduce its consumption and spend, by going solar via a financing arrangement, they would also produce a positive off-balance sheet cash flow enabling the business to prosper. A ground mounted system was ideal for Waterloo Villageand they had the land to spare, Solar Naturally’s analysis of the best orientation and positioning for the solar system was key to ensuring the maximum cost reduction. Waterloo Villagehas secured its longevity as a business in the southwest for many years to come by going solar with Solar Naturally.

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CompanyWaterloo Village Caravan Park
SolutionGround Mount 144 x 270W Canadian Tier 1 Solar Panels

2 x German SMA STP15000 Inverter

CO2 Annual Carbon Reduction58 tons
CO2 Equivalent Reduction214 trees planted