Seacrest Homes (130kW)

Seacrest Homes are an award winning home builder specialising in luxury custom design. Seacrest sets the benchmark in design, service, finish and expectation through their experience, passion and dedicated team.

In order to cut electricity costs and help their business remain competitive, Seacrest Homes began investigating solar. After diligent research, Solar Naturally were selected as Seacrest’s preferred solar provider due to our analytical approach, and tireless efforts to provide Seacrest with as much information as possible in order to help them make a fully informed decision.
A high quality 130kW system was installed at their Wangara Head Office with remote monitoring of solar production and grid electricity usage.

The system will not only offset a significant proportion of the home builders electricity usage but will also protect Seacrest against future energy price rises.

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CompanySeacrest Homes
IndustryManufacturing, Engineering & Transportation
Solution384 x 260W GCL’s <br>105 x 285W Q-Cell Plus Solar Panels <br> 2 x 15kW SMA Inverters<br><br>
CO2 Annual Carbon Reduction194
CO2 Equivalent Reduction717 trees planted