Advance Press (100kW)

Advance Press is an award winning print and communications provider offering a comprehensive service to a diverse range of local and national businesses. Established in 1938, Advance Press is considered one of the largest print companies in Perth ever evolving to offer their growing client base products and services that exceed their expectations.

In order to reduce energy costs for their manufacturing premis and improve their sustainability credentials, Advance Press begun looking into solar as a renewable energy source. Solar Naturally worked with management to design a system tailored to their business energy usage and optimisation.

Advance Press are now enjoying the benefits of reduced electricity costs at their site as well as data on their electricity usage which can result in further efficiencies.

As a result of the installation Advance Press have also reduced their reliance on grid supplied electricity and the resultant greenhouse gas emissions. By installing their 100kW system, Advance Press are taking 149 tonnes of their CO2 pollution out of the atmosphere – this is the equivalent of the business planting 552 per year over the life of their system.

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CompanyAdvance Press
IndustryRetail & Hospitality
Solution370 x 270W Canadian Solar Panels

4 x 25kW SMA Inverters

CO2 Annual Carbon Reduction149
CO2 Equivalent Reduction552 trees planted