Wangara Lunch Bar (15.39kW)

Wangara Lunch Bar is road side pit stop situated in the industrial area of Wangara. Theyoffer Hangi , Hangi pies, cream paua pies lots of homemade pies burgers and kebabs plus lots more.

In order to reduce overheads at their Wangara diner and make the business more financially viable, Wangara Lunch Bar contacted Solar Naturally for a solar solution.

We installed a 15.39kW commercial solar PV system that will not only significantly reduce the diners electricity bills, but also reduce Wangara Lunch Bar annual CO2 emissions by 22 tonnes – that is the equivalent of the business planting 84 trees per year!

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CompanyWangara Lunch Bar
IndustryFood Retail
Solution54 x 285W Canadian Solar Tier 1 Solar Panels

1 x German SMA STP15000 Inverter

CO2 Annual Carbon Reduction22 tons
CO2 Equivalent Reduction84 trees planted