Ultra Tune Rockingham (10kW)


Ultra Tune Rockingham provides both fleet and private motorists with a full range of services, each designed to be performed in a structured series of operating procedures which ensure faster, more efficient and cost effective service. Ultra Tune has subsequently expanded its range of services to include tyres and all tyre-related servicing needs.

In order to reduce their electricity bills and become more competitive, Ultra Tune Rockingham undertook a detailed and extensive solar selection process. Solar Naturally were eventually chosen to design, engineer, procure and construct two solar PV systems, 10kW in size.

The system significantly reduce Ultra Tune Rockingham carbon footprint and its grid supplied electricity consumption.

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CompanyUltra Tune Rockingham
Solution38 x 265W GCL Tier 1 Solar Panels

1 x German SMA STP10000 Inverter

CO2 Annual Carbon Reduction14 tons
CO2 Equivalent Reduction55 trees planted