Tema Services (20kW)

Established in 1993, Tema Services Group is a one stop cleaning shop in Perth, one that is highly committed to excellence in client care, and offers a total, reliable commercial cleaning service.

In order to reduce overheads at their Wangara premise and make the business more financially viable, Tema Service Group contacted Solar Naturally for a solar solution.

We installed a 20kW commercial solar PV system that will not only significantly reduce the store’s electricity bills, but also reduce Grants Car Stereo’s annual CO2 emissions by 29 tonnes – that is the equivalent of the business planting 110 trees per year!

Considering a commercial scale solar project? Contact us today and we can begin to build your system together!

CompanyTema Service Group
IndustryCommercial Cleaning
Solution73 x 275W Canadian Solar Tier 1 Solar Panels

1 x German SMA STP20000 Inverter

CO2 Annual Carbon Reduction29 tons
CO2 Equivalent Reduction110 trees planted