Mazda (40kW)

Mazda has taken a decisive step towards sustainability with its commercial property installation, featuring a dynamic 40kW solar system. This eco-conscious initiative not only aligns with Mazda’s commitment to innovation but also serves as a testament to their dedication to reducing their carbon footprint.

Comprising 132 Canadian 300W solar panels, this solar solution is strategically designed to harness the abundant sunlight in the region. These panels, known for their efficiency and durability, form a sleek array that seamlessly integrates into the aesthetic of the Mazda facility. This solar setup ensures a steady generation of clean, renewable energy.

Driving the efficiency of this solar installation are two SMA Tripower STP 15kW inverters. These cutting-edge inverters play a pivotal role in converting solar energy into a usable form, providing the Mazda facility with a reliable and sustainable power source.

The environmental impact of Mazda’s green initiative is substantial, contributing to an annual carbon reduction of 59 metric tons. This commendable feat is equivalent to the positive environmental effect of offsetting 220 metric tons of CO2 emissions, making Mazda a trailblazer in sustainable business practices.

The Mazda Bayswater commercial property installation not only showcases the company’s commitment to corporate responsibility but also serves as an inspiring example for other businesses looking to embrace renewable energy solutions. By investing in this solar system, Mazda not only powers its operations sustainably but also takes a meaningful step towards a cleaner, greener future.

Company Mazda
System size 40kW
Location Bayswater
Solution 132 x Canadian 300W Solar Panels, 2 x SMA Tripower STP 15kW Inverter
CO2 Annual Carbon Reduction 59
CO2 Equivalent Reduction 220