Lock N Store Self Storage (36.18kw)

Established in 2005, Lock ‘n’ Store Self Storage is a privately owned Australian company committed to providing reliable, clean, safe and secure self-storage solutions.The Lock ‘n’ Store team are storage experts that can give you advise on packing or storage and materials, or help organising a trailer or truck to assist you.

In order to reduce risk going forward and avoid energy price rises, Lock ‘n’ Store Self Storage looked at investing in solar. After diligent research, Solar Naturally was selected as their preferred solar provider.

After analysing Lock ‘n’ Store energy usage separately over the three properties, we designed three separate solar systems of 6.48kW, 11kW and 20kW in size. A 5.13kW solar system was also installed at the owner’s residential property to provide the household with the same benefits as the business. Collectively 41.31kW was installed over all three properties.

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CompanyLock N Store Self Storage
LocationRockingham & Mandurah
IndustryStorage Solutions
Solution157 x 270W Canadian Tier 1 Solar Panels

5 Inverters over the three locations

CO2 Annual Carbon Reduction54 tons
CO2 Equivalent Reduction199 trees planted