Jetts Forest Lakes (15kW)

Jetts fitness have designed a gym for people who want to get results without spending hours and hours at the gym. The Jetts franchise have 250 Jetts gyms, and operate 24/7 across the world.

Allison, the owner of Jetts fitness in Forest Lakes, had been looking into solar for quite some time but had struggled to find a reputable local commercial solar installer. After some extensive research and the comparison of numerous quotes the gym decided on a 15kW solar PV system from Solar Naturally.

After consultation with one of Solar Naturally’s knowledgeable energy consultants, the shop decided to install a 15kW solar system as this provided the best return on investment whilst offsetting a substantial percentage of their electricity consumption. The system will offset 22 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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LocationForest Lakes
Solution40 x 255W GCL Tier 1 Solar Panels
1 x German SMA STP10000 Inverter

CO2 Annual Carbon Reduction14 tons
CO2 Equivalent Reduction55 trees planted