Harley Cabinets (8.1kW)

Harley Cabinets commissioned Solar Naturally to engineer, procure, design and install a 8kW solar PV system with an integrated grid consumption as well as solar PV generation real-time monitoring and data logging system. Harley Cabinets worked with Solar Naturally to find the most optimal system that would meet their requirements.

Harley Cabinets has a reputation built on providing high quality, bespoke cabinets to a multitude of different clients whether it be commercial fit-outs to residential, private clients. Their bespoke PV system compliments their own company brand values.

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CompanyHarley Cabinets (Willeton Cabinets)
LocationCanning Vale
Solution30 x 270W Canadian Solar Tier 1 Solar Panels
4 x German SMA STP8000 Inverter

CO2 Annual Carbon Reduction11 tons
CO2 Equivalent Reduction44 trees planted per year