Hammond Park Senior High School (500kW)

Hammond Park Senior High School is part of the first-ever WA Schools Public Private Partnership, which will see eight public schools designed, built, financed and maintained for up to 31 years by project company EduWest.

Solar Naturally won the sub-tender to complete the solar works for EduWest, with solar an integral part of EduWest’s proposal. We were required to design a system that would meet a minimum generation amount, and proposed a 5ookW system comprised of over 1,640 Solar Panels.

At 500kW panel capacity and 400kW inverter capacity, Hammond Park Senior High School’s solar PV system is one of the largest rooftop installations on the entire Western Power Network, generating enough electricity to power 125 homes.

Solar Naturally also has the tenders to commission other state schools in the same project: Harrisdale Secondary School (480kW) and Lakelands Secondary College (500kW).

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CompanyHammond Park Senior Highschool
LocationHammond Park
Solution1,640 x 305W Canadian Tier 1 Solar Panels, 400kW of German SMA Inverters of varying sizes
CO2 Annual Carbon Reduction746 tons
CO2 Equivalent Reduction2,761 trees planted per year