Chemform (34.16kW)

Established in 1978, Chemform is a family owned and operated Australian chemical manufacturer and distributor. From their humble beginnings in Western Australia, the commitment to their core values has enabled us to grow and develop a national footprint. The Chemform vision is to create non-dangerous but equally effective cleaning chemicals.

Solar Naturally installed solar firstly at the regional manager, Kathleen Cianfagna, residential home. After seeing the huge benefits in savings that solar delivered, Kathleen wanted to implement this at the family business. Kathleen shopped around for quotes but was so impressed with the hassle free installation that Solar Naturally delivered for the home that we were commissioned to their commercial system at Chemform.

In August 2017, we installed a 34.16kW system that will offset Chemform’s grid electricity supply and reduce their carbon emissions by 50 tons per year – aligning with their green initiatives.

Chemform has seen a savings in their electricity bill by over 50%: when comparing billing periods for the same month the comparison is $2,453 BEFORE solar to $1,205 AFTER solar.

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Solution122 x 280W Canadian Tier 1 Solar Panels
2 x German SMA STP15000 Inverter

CO2 Annual Carbon Reduction50 tons
CO2 Equivalent Reduction188 trees planted