Barrier Reef Pools – Forrestdale (40kW)

Barrier Reef Pools are an award-winning boutique pool company, specialising in luxury pools. They are a family owned business and have operated in Perth for more than 30 years having many display centres in the Perth Area.

Solar Naturally was commissioned to install a solar PV system on the Head Office base in Forrestdale. Barrier Reef Pools wanted to provide a buffer to cash flow to protect themselves in an ever-evolving retail environment. After engaging Solar Naturally, Barrier Reef Pools was diligent in the selection of project developer and equipment when deciding to go solar. No element of the project was left to chance, from structural assessment and council approval through to guiding Barrier Reef Pools through changes to its electricity tariff structure with its existing retailer.

Through the energy cost savings that solar power provides Barrier Reef Pools, it has bolstered its bottom line and is now well on its way to achieving its objective of a lower cost operating environment while also reducing on their carbon emissions by 59 tons per year!

CompanyBarrier Reef Pools
Solution147 x 270W GCL Tier 1 Solar Panels
2 x German SMA STP15000 Inverter

CO2 Annual Carbon Reduction59 tons
CO2 Equivalent Reduction220 trees planted