AL Dental (5.4kW)

AL Dental practice in Inglewood provides quality dental treatments and oral hygiene care in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Their highly experienced team of professionals are dedicated to helping their patients achieve the very best dental health, from simple dental care consultations to more complex treatments, our team will help you achieve and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile.

In order to cut costs, AL Dental approached Solar Naturally for a commercial solar solution. In October 2017, we designed and installed a 5.4kW system that will reduce AL Dental reliance on the grid energy system and protect them from future energy price rises.

Considering a commercial scale solar project? Contact us today and we can begin to build your system together!

CompanyAL Dental
Solution20 x 270W Canadian Tier 1 Solar Panels
1 x German SMA STP5000 Inverter

CO2 Annual Carbon Reduction8 tons
CO2 Equivalent Reduction29 trees planted