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Renewable Energy Guide: 10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Solar Panel Company

1. Is a solar panel company the best solution for energy efficiency?

Solar power is skilled in energy efficiency to deliver the best cost-effective and self-sustainable solution. With this form of renewable energy, there is no need to depend on external sources for power, as after the initial set up costs, the system pays for itself with the sun’s energy being free.

2. How long has the company been in business for?

It is important to establish that the company has been in business for a while (more than 6+ years), as it is a good indication to see if they will be around for the next few years so that they can be followed up with any after care of product warranties and customer service. In the solar industry there is a high turnover of companies and new companies come into the market undercutting prices to the point where they eventually go out of business, leaving the customer with no one to go to for service and product follow up.

Solar Naturally have been installing Solar Systems for over 10 years in Perth and have now expanded into 6 countries worldwide.

3. Do they outsource the installation to contractors or do they have their own in-house team of CEC (Clean Energy Council) qualified electricians that will install my solar?

Find out if the solar panel company has qualified electricians that are professionally trained to install solar power systems in a time efficient and cost-effective way that ensures the proper installation of your power, so there are no ongoing maintenance issues.

If you find out they do outsource the installation to contractors, ask who the installation warranty is with. Usually it is always with the contractor and not the solar panel company themselves. Therefore, if an issue arises with the inverter not working properly because of dodgy installation, you can find yourself in-between three parties all not wanting to take responsibility: the inverter manufacturer, the solar panel company and the outsourced contractor.

At Solar Naturally, we have our own team of CEC qualified electricians to install your system, we don’t outsource any work to third parties.

4. What evidence does the solar panel company have of their commitment to quality?

Don’t be fooled by cheaper quotes, make sure the company won’t cut corners with sub-standard equipment and improper installation processes. The solar panel company needs to prove their commitment to quality.

The quality of materials (railings & fixings, cables etc.) are very important to the overall efficiency and longevity of your system. This is where many solar companies can save themselves some money by poorly installing the solar and where we see many people have issues not so long down the track.

At Solar Naturally, along with having our own team of qualified Electricians to install your solar – we perform regular Quality Control checks on our installations, so you can be guaranteed quality workmanship. We offer a performance guarantee for the productivity of our systems for 25 years – this ensures that it is in our best interest (and yours!) to follow correct installation procedures.

5. Is the product durable and of good quality?

When choosing a solar panel company, an important aspect to look into is the durability and quality of the manufactured product. Chose a solar power company uses the best quality products to ensure reliability and longevity. It is not just the products of the system (panels and inverter) that need to be researched into, but the quality of the installing materials.
At Solar Naturally, we only use Tier 1 solar brands that we have been working with for many years.

6. What are your payment terms?

When choosing a solar panel company, you need to consider your financial situation and the upfront and additional costs associated with purchase and installation. You’ll want to find a solution that offers the best return of investment, and solar power offers businesses and households the opportunity to reduce their electricity bills. Government subsidies have allowed installation to become more affordable leading to an increase in demand of renewable solar energy.

Solar Naturally provides a solar leasing program to offer finance plans for those who don’t have the resources to purchase the system upfront. Generally, the savings exceed the cost of repayments and after the lease agreement ends, you then own the panel and can continue to save money!

7. What about after Sales Care?

Customer service and after sales care is important for any business and especially in the solar industry where it is important to have a reliable reputation. Most solar companies are nationwide, so it is important to ask where the head office is based in the city you live.

Solar Naturally is a Perth based business and has specialised in Solar the WA region for 10 years. Our Head Office and Warehouse is in Forrestdale Perth. We have 17 teams of electricians who are on hand for after sales call outs. We promise to be onsite within 72 hours of receiving notification from you if anything is amiss.

8. What is the warranty?

When choosing a solar panel company, an important aspect to look into is the durability and quality of the manufactured product. Solar naturally solar power company uses the best quality products to ensure reliability and longevity, we’re confident in our manufacturing and installation process that all our panels come with a 25-year performance guarantee, and inverters with a 5-year manufacture warranty.

9. What type of solar panel is right for me?

You need to have an in-depth understanding of the power consumption and usage most suited to your daily production of energy. With a range of solar panel packages available, there’s plenty of options to choose the best solution for your household or business needs. Solar Naturally offers an accurate solar calculator for individuals to get an understanding of their potential energy savings and benefits.

10. Does the solar panel company have a verified license and insurance?

It is important to establish that the solar panel company you choose has the correct electrical licences to install your solar system and are covered by a comprehensive insurance. If they aren’t accredited installers and don’t use quality electrical materials, you don’t want to find out later down the track that your personal home insurance can be voided.

Be sure to ask installers about their licences and qualifications:

  • Do they have all of the necessary business license and insurance policies for your state and locality?
  • What is their license number? (Use it to verify their credentials.)
  • Are they CEC Certified?
  • Do they design and install the systems themselves, or do they subcontract to local companies? If they do use subcontractors, are the subcontractors licensed? (Ask who the warranties will then be under, the company or the subcontractor?)
  • Will there be a master electrician on-site when the system is installed?

Solar Naturally are accredited installers and CEC members under licence number EC: 010060. We have been in business for 10 years and have been trusted solar providers for over 22,000 homes and business’.

If you’re thinking about renewable energy and looking for a reliable solar power company, contact us at Solar Naturally.

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