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Why Solar Panel Cleaning is Essential

Solar power is known to be a low-maintenance, reliable source of energy – but did you know that solar panel cleaning is an essential part of maintaining the efficiency of your panels?

Solar Naturally’s solar panel cleaning helps prevent cracks in the panels that have been caused by debris that also block sunlight. This can cause overheating and inefficiency when it comes how well your solar panels work. When you make sure you’re on top of your solar panel cleaning, you can rest assured that your panels are working as efficiently as they’re supposed to – which means more savings for you.

Solar Panel Cleaning: The Process

In addition to a thorough clean with water and detergent to remove dust and debris that block UV rays from getting to your solar panels, we also perform a stress test and crack examination.

If your solar panels are not cleaned regularly, microcracks and hotspots caused by debris that has built up and started to block the sun’s rays may start to occur. This is problematic in the long term as it causes the blocked areas to shut down whilst the other areas function normally. Overall, the efficiency of your panels is reduced and you’re not getting the most out of your solar panels. Our solar panel cleaning services include checking vigorously for cracks and hotspots and examine them to see if they can be repaired.

We also perform an electrical safety check to make sure your solar panels are working in accordance with industry guidelines. This means removing fire risks that arise from switchboards that turn into nesting places for animals and insects that can cause short circuiting and burn outs when electrical cabling is damaged.

Why trust Solar Naturally with solar panel cleaning?

When it comes to solar power cleaning and maintenance, we’re experienced and ready to help. At Solar Naturally, we’re solar power experts that offer a full range of services so we’re with you from installation to maintenance – and beyond.

If you’d like to get your solar panels professionally cleaned with Solar Naturally, read more about our solar panel cleaning and maintenance service.

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