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Renewable vs. Nonrenewable Energy: Benefits of Solar Power

The competition between Renewable vs nonrenewable has been an ongoing battle. Energy systems such as solar power has proven benefits on the economy, the environment and the consumer, over non-renewable sources that humans have trusted for years. But why trust a source that isn’t reliable, efficient or financially stable? Let alone the negative impacts it has on the environment.

Solar energy is infinite. The sun is consistent, having been around for 4.6 billion years give or take. That’s reliability right there, it’s not going anywhere. But humans are constantly taking from the earth to produce non-renewable energy from fossil fuels, using resources that should be put to better use for the health and sustainability of the planet. These fossil fuels from coal, gas, oil and nuclear sources are finite, were taking from our earth and giving it back pollution and degradation in return. Solar power helps limit the need for fossil fuels and the production of greenhouse gas emission. Luckily, the solution is simple, with all round benefits from sourcing renewable energy such as wind and solar power. Not only is solar energy helping our planet, it’s also helping our people and our economy in ways which might go unnoticed.

Coal and nuclear power plants use endless amounts of water to produce energy, whereas solar power uses barely any at all, so there is no concern about straining supplies. While renewable energy saves water, it also minimises the polluting of it through fossil fuels. Seeing as our planet is 70% water, we should be more diligent when it comes to saving it.

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We know it is the cleanest most viable solution to the prevention of global warming, and an inexhaustible source of producing sustainable energy, but there are cost reducing advantages for the consumer as renewable energy sources compete with conventional methods. Through the power of the grid, consumers inevitably save on their power bills and remove the risk of increasing electrical prices, solar panels can also be a good financial investment to boost the value of your property when re-selling in the market. The renewable energy industry even provides more jobs, with solar employing 260,000 people in just 2016 alone (National Solar Jobs Census 2016), for solar installation, technical maintenance, manufacturing and sales. Solar power allows for self-sustainability, you have your own independent source of energy production and the added protection from the carbon tax.

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