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How to Clean Solar Panels the Right Way

Why Solar Panel Cleaning is Necessary

Everyone knows Solar power is a low-maintenance, reliable source of energy – but a lot of people don’t consider the cleaning and maintenance that goes into keeping solar panels working at an optimal level. Solar Naturally provides solar panel cleaning services that prevent cracks forming in the solar panels from debris damage in addition to clearing debris that block out sunlight. When your solar panels are covered in debris, it can lead to overheating and inefficient performance.

Moreover, solar panel cleaning keeps your panels working as efficiently as possible, which means you save more money on your electricity bills.

How to Clean Solar Panels the Right Way

The best way to clean your solar panels is to hire professionals that know what it takes to get your panels working the way they should. Companies that also offer solar panel installation services will know everything there is to efficient solar panel performance.

Solar panel cleaning services tend to include cleaning your panels with water and detergent to remove debris and dust, but a reputable company will also complete a stress test and crack examination. This is necessary – especially if your panels aren’t cleaned regularly, as they are likely to develop microcracks and hotspots caused by debris build-up.

In the long term, this can cause areas on your solar panels to shut down, whilst the remaining areas continue to work normally. Ultimately, this means that you aren’t getting the return on investment that you expected to receive when you first decided to have solar panels installed.

If you’re looking into solar panel cleaning services, make sure you choose a company that makes it a priority to check vigorously for cracks and hotspots to repair.

It’s also a good sign if your solar panel cleaning company also offers electrical safety checks to make ensure that your panels are functioning in accordance with industry standards. If you’re considering solar panel cleaning, choosing a company that takes care of eliminating fire hazards that come from switchboards becoming nesting places for animals and insects, as well as burn outs that can happen electrical cabling is damaged will save you a lot of time and money.

If you still want to give your solar panels a quick wash to remove small amounts of dirt, here is what you will need to do.

Please note: We do not recommend climbing onto your roof without the proper safety training and protective safety gear. Rooftops can be hazardous causing injuries and fatalities if the proper precautions aren’t implemented.

Steps for solar panel cleaning

Step 1:

The company that completed the installation of your solar panels will know the best way to maintain and clean your solar panels. We recommend getting in touch with your solar panel provider and asking them if they have any recommendations on cleaning your solar panels. If they are unavailable, feel free to contact us at Solar Naturally for advice.

Step 2:

Australia can be a hot environment and because solar panels work to absorb UV rays, we can trust that they will be extremely hot during mid-day. To avoid injury from burns, wash them in the evening or early morning.

Step 3:

The easiest way to remove light amounts of dirt is to find a hose that is long enough that you can rinse your panels from the ground. This might be just enough to keep your panels dirt free in between proper maintenance and cleaning by professionals. Try giving them a once over and if they still look dirty proceed to the next step or give a professional solar panel cleaner a call.

Step 4:

When rinsing your solar panel doesn’t work to remove caked on dirt, you will need to give them a scrub. Fill up a spray bottle with some gentle soap and warm water. Then use a sponge to scrub the dirt off of your panels.

Step 5:

The last step is simple, once you are done scrubbing the dirt off, give your solar panels a good rinse to prevent any streaking and soap scum build up.

Solar Naturally provides expert solar panel cleaning services

At Solar Naturally, we provide solar panel cleaning, installation, maintenance services: we know how to get your panels working the way they should! With a full range of services on offer, Solar Naturally is the right choice when it comes to all things solar power.

If you’re interested in solar panel cleaning services, Solar Naturally can help! Contact us today.

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