how is solar energy produced

How is solar energy produced to help the Australian environment and economy?

Solar energy is a smart resource that many companies and homeowners use across Australia as a stable energy supply source. How is solar energy produced to help the environment and economy in Australia? From increasing the amount of tourism to Australia to protecting our environment and helping businesses grow and create more jobs, solar energy is becoming increasingly invaluable for Australians to consider.

As Australia experiences the best conditions for creating solar energy in the world, it is an ideal country to rely on energy harnessed from the sun to produce a large percentage of our total energy output. Due to our abundance of sunny days and clear skies, Australia is capable of creating 60 per cent of our energy needs from solar alone. If you partner this with other renewable energy resources, we can limit the usage of fossil fuel powered energy resources which cause pollution and global warming.

Solar energy is an unlimited resource, which guarantees that for the foreseeable future, there is no risk of it running out, unlike fossil fuels. Some fossil fuel resources may run out within in the next hundred years, so it’s undeniable that we will need an infinite resource to harness this energy from.

Solar energy unlimited resource

How is solar energy produced?

How is solar energy produced? Solar panels absorb photon atoms from the sun and from these photon atoms it harvests electrons. The electrons are then used to power everyday electronic systems. This chemical reaction of transforming light into electricity is referred to as the photovoltaic effect.

For a more detailed description of how is solar energy produced, check out our blog post on ‘Solar Energy Explained: How do solar panels work?’.

How does it help the economy and the environment?

On many levels, the question of how is solar energy produced to help the Australian economy is very broad. Within the home, your solar panels can help you save money on paying bills for imported and mined fossil fuel energy, this not only looks after the environment but allows you to put any money saved into local businesses by going to the movies, purchasing local goods or going out to restaurants and cafes.

In the case that you produce enough energy from your home solar panels, you may be able to sell the electricity generated back into the grid which adds to the total of renewable energy resources used by Australians and may give you extra pocket money to spend.

On a country-wide scale, you are saving the environment from air pollution, from burning fossil fuels, deforestation, water pollution and river erosion from mines and other environmental impacts caused by global warming. By protecting the environment, you look after the unique and beautiful ecosystem Australia has to offer, and when our land is well kept, we see a boost in tourism. Tourism, after all, brings in over $47.5 billion per year which makes our environment an invaluable asset to look after.

beautiful ecosystem Australia

On a global scale, you are looking after the oceans and reducing global warming which is currently having a significant impact on the balance of our land and aquatic ecosystems. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the biggest sufferers of Australia’s tourist destinations due to pollution and global warming, causing our once colourful coral reefs to become bleached.

Australia’s tourist destinations

Australia’s tourist destinations

How is solar energy produced into helping Australian businesses? It allows both small and large companies to use free energy from the sun to power their offices and manufacturing equipment. This helps to save businesses money, giving them the ability to grow and potentially create more local jobs for Australians. By using solar energy, it also may allow businesses to purchase better equipment that speeds up the manufacturing of Australian made products.

Fossil fuel related incidents

According to scientific studies and reports, thousands of deaths related to burning and production of fossil fuels have been recorded. Deaths caused by mining accidents, heat-related deaths and air pollution have added up to a catastrophic figure. This figure increases when you consider the number of deaths from lung diseases and cancer caused by polluted water systems and air.

The solution

Though we should always encourage the government to make the large-scale changes to help look after our environment and invest in renewable energy resources. The best way to improve the Australian environment and the economy, is to first look to ourselves and the activities and choices we make for our lifestyle.

By implementing environmentally friendly practices, such as using renewable energy, reducing the amount of plastic and fossil fuels we use in our life, we can all contribute to the bigger picture and make a difference.

environmentally friendly practices

If you own a business, you may find that adding solar panels to your office or warehouse will come with many benefits. Solar panels may add value to your company building, they can save you money on the running costs of your business, and you can gain respect from your community by advertising your sustainable business practices.

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