Solar Rebates in Perth

Solar Rebates in Perth: Everything You Need To Know

Since 2009 there has been a steady increase in electricity costs in Western Australia. 2017 is no exception to this. Electricity tariffs are to rise starting from July 1st, with households and small businesses expected to pay an increase of 3% per bill cycle. As fossil-fuel electricity generation methods get more expensive, and consequently electricity bills rise, it becomes more urgent to explore renewable means of electricity. Installing a solar power system is one of the easiest methods to cut down costs. Solar power systems are part of the ample rebates program offered by the Australian Government to make the switch to renewable energy.

Solar Rebates in Perth

The Australian Government provides a number of solar rebates to households and businesses as part of the Renewable Energy Target (RET) scheme. The aim of the scheme is to increase the generation of electricity from renewable sources and reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases. The scheme is divided into two parts, one targeting large-scale implementation of renewable energy, and the other small-scale increase in renewable energy. The second part, known as Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES), is one which is most relevant to most household owners and small businesses in Perth.

Solar Rebates in Perth

SRES creates lucrative financial incentives for households and small businesses to install solar power systems. This is done by creating demand for Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs). STCs are created for solar systems at the time of their installation, depending on the amount of electricity the system is expected to produce. The following are key programs for solar power rebates that are available in Perth:

Renewable power incentives

Applicable to: home owners, landlords, renters

STCs are created for eligible small-scale solar power systems. These renewable energy systems are referred to as Small Generation Units (SGUs). The total number of certificates created for the system is based on the following factors:

  • Geographical location
  • Date of installation
  • Amount of electricity that it is expected to generate over the course of its lifetime (of up to 14 years).

The full program information can be found on the Australian government website.

Renewable energy feed-in tariffs

Applicable to: home owners, landlords, renters, businesses, schools

This feed-in tariff pays eligible households and small businesses in Perth for the excess electricity that is generated from their small-scale solar power systems. It is essentially selling your excess electricity back to the grid, and your electricity retailer pays this tariff to you if eligible. This solar rebate can allow you to make many savings through installing solar power systems for your household or business.

How Solar Rebates in Perth Can Help You Save Money

Once STCs are created, they can be used as a form of currency. Similar to shares, STCs can be traded and sold. Their value can rise or fall depending on the market.

However, buying and selling STCs is often difficult to understand. Which is why it is most common for households to simply allow the installer to have control of them. In return, you are provided an upfront discount on the installation. For example, at Solar Naturally we give you the maximum available value for your solar power rebates, and this results in you having the most profitable discount on your solar power installation. (See more on how Solar Naturally can help you with your solar rebates here.)

The solar rebates in Perth offer the best initiative for you to get a solar power installation.

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