Are home solar panels worth it

Are home solar panels worth it?: The pros and cons of solar energy

Like many Australians looking for ways to invest in their home and cut down on their electricity bill, you may be asking “Are home solar panels worth it?” Deciding between having solar panels or not can be a difficult decision. You may not know how they will work, if they will be a hassle to clean and maintain, what benefits they will provide or how easy the installation will be.

Whether you are looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly or cut down on the electricity bill, solar panels could be a great option for you.

Are home solar panels worth it?

To help find the answers on “Are home solar panels worth it?” Here are the pros and cons of installing solar energy in your home.


Environmentally friendly

For the everyday Australians and the government, global warming is becoming an increasingly mainstream subject. This is because it is essential for all Australians to be looking at ways in which we can improve our lifestyles to protect our country from the effects of climate change. By using renewable energy, you can join many Australians across the country who are making the change to be more environmentally friendly.

Solar made energy produces zero greenhouse gases and does not pose any health risks for your family, which makes it a great alternative to traditional energy resources. Other non-renewable energy resources are finite and they pollute air quality and natural water systems.

Save money on your power bill

According to Canstar Blue, the average electricity bills across Australia range from $1,667.20 to $1,974.96 per annum. This can be really expensive for most families on a regular income and is one of the places where you can find ways to start cutting down on your household expenses.

Prices for electricity bills are increasing. In our blog post, WA Electricity price increases starting July 2018, we explain how households and businesses are being charged an extra 7% plus a $290 fee on top of their already expensive electricity bills.

By investing in solar energy, you can save on your power bill and counteract the increased cost of fossil fuel powered electricity.

Support local businesses

By getting your solar panels installed by local providers, you are helping to support local businesses. Australia’s demand for importing our oil from other countries is increasing. This is due to our own resources being depleted. As a result, we are putting ourselves in a position where other countries could have a monopoly over the pricing of these resources.

By supporting local solar companies and using solar energy in place of fossil fuel powered electricity, you are putting the power back into the hands of Australia and helping to look after our country’s resources for the future.

Sell your power back into the grid

If you have enough solar panels to provide you with excess energy, you can sell this energy back into the grid. This will help reduce your household costs and may even give you some extra pocket money to spend on the things that you enjoy.

Healthy and safe

Unlike other energy producing options, a solar panel isn’t going to explode when you drop it. Solar panels are entirely safe to use and don’t expose you to dangerous chemicals.

Electricity support for remote areas

Australia is a country that has a vast amount of remote country towns and farms. Often in these remote areas, the regular way of receiving electricity is unavailable. Although the initial cost of installing solar power in these homes can be expensive, they may be much more convenient over using noisy generators and storing large quantities of fuel to keep your home powered.

Even if it’s a matter of giving you extra hot water to bathe in or power a microwave, it is definitely worth it to consider installing solar panels at your home.

Are home solar panels worth it


Initial outlay of money

The initial outlay of money can be expensive for any household to install solar power. This can be a big turn off for many homeowners as they may not have the upfront cash. A temptation is to select cheap providers, but be cautious of this as they may be cutting corners on safety and using cheap materials. To help you choose the right provider, you can see more information you need to know when looking into renewable energy for the first time here.

Luckily, our company offers a ‘Solar Assistance Scheme’ to help make it affordable for you to install high-quality solar systems. Bookings are strictly limited, so make sure you book before places run out.


Did you know that solar panels need to be regularly cleaned and maintained? This will ensure they are running at their full capacity. If you live in a dusty area, dirt can cover the solar panel, reducing the amount of light that reaches it.

All this work may leave you wondering “Are home solar panels worth it still?” Although this may seem like a lot of work, you can hire companies to come out to clean and maintain your solar panels for you. So they stay running at optimal performance.

Dependant on weather

Solar panels can only work best in sunny environments. This can be a disadvantage if you live in an area where it is dark all year long. Australia is lucky to have many sunny days. In Western Australia, we receive an average of 144 sunny days and 121 partially cloudy days. This means you should be getting a steady power supply year round.

So are home solar panels worth it?

In summary, it is up to you whether you choose to install solar panels or not. But it is evident that they will benefit your household greatly. But are home solar panels worth it? We think so!
Here at Solar Naturally, we provide all of our customers with high-quality solar panels, installation and maintenance. For more information, get in touch via our contact page or get a quote today!

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