Have a billing enquiry? We always advise all our customers to use as much power as they can during the day to fully utilize the solar system. The savings as a result of using the solar energy produced is much higher than selling the power to Synergy.

This calculator will determine how much solar energy you have produced and it will show you what has been consumed and also exported to the grid (Meaning you have not used the electricity!)

To use this calculator you will need obtain the E-Total from your inverter, a copy of your latest power bill and the date your solar system was installed. (You can find this in your handover pack)

Input the required fields on the calculator and a result will be displayed to confirm if your solar system is performing as it should.

If you are exporting a large percentage of your solar energy to the grid, you should consider changing the way you use electricity during the day to ensure you are benefiting from the solar energy being produced.

After receiving the results from this calculator and you still have a query please contact our service department on 1300 168 138.

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