Battery Storage Systems

Solar Battery Storage Systems

At Solar Naturally we use the best and most efficient solar battery storage systems for your residential and commercial needs. Our solar systems are installed with GCL system integration's lithium E-KwBe cell, a super slim and compact solution for your needs. The battery holds the equivalent storage of a Tesla Powerwall battery, but is half the weight and size.

Why Solar Battery Storage?

Solar power systems around the world are moving towards a battery storage system. Batteries allow for any extra solar power generated to be stored for later use. Without the use of a solar battery storage system, all the extra power generated is lost. With battery storage, you can have solar-generated power running your home even after the sun goes down, and maximise your solar power energy needs.

Product Features

  • Uses highly efficient Panasonic battery cells to give you the best performance and durability
  • Comes in two capacities: 5.6 kW and 40 kg, or 2.5 kW and 25 kg. You can make the choice of which best suits your energy needs
  • Holds backup power, so that you can continue using energy even in the event of a power outage
  • Highly efficient in energy conversion

Advantages of Our Battery Storage System

The lithium E-KwBe batteries we use in our solar battery storage system are compact, slim, and highly efficient. They fulfill all battery needs of your solar power installation, so you can have the best solution for your needs.

  • Has storage power equivalent to Tesla Powerwall battery
  • Half the size of a Tesla Powerwall battery
  • Half the price of an equivalent Tesla Powerwall battery unit
  • Store excess generated electricity for later use, so that your energy needs continue to be covered during peak times
  • Help the environment by using a renewable and environmentally-friendly method of energy consumption

How It Works

Our solar power installations convert the energy from sunlight to DC power, and this DC current goes through the inverter which converts it to usable AC power for your needs. The excess energy from this process is then stored in your battery for later use.

GoodWe + LG Chem Battery

SBP Series
GoodWe’s SBP series AC-coupled battery storage retrofit solution is suitable for both single-phase and three-phase systems. During the day, the PV system generates electricity which will be provided to the loads initially. Then, the excess energy will charge the battery via the SBP energy storage inverter. Finally, the stored electricity can be released when the loads require it. The battery can also be charged by the grid to ensure uninterrupted supply in the event of a power cut.

Tesla Powerwall 2

Tesla Powerwall is a fully integrated AC battery system for residential or light commercial use. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack provides energy storage for solar self-consumption, time-based control, and backup. Powerwall’s electrical interface provides a simple connection to any home or building. Its revolutionary compact design achieves market-leading energy density and is easy to install, enabling owners to quickly realise the benefits of reliable, clean power.


Once installed, SENEC Home stores any excess solar energy you would otherwise be sending back to the grid. By using more of the energy you produce, you can increase your self-sufficiency to up to 90%, and reduce your impact on the environment. The SENEC App enables you can take control of your family’s power supply, view the performance of your whole system and track your savings as you go.Engineered for 12,000 recharging cycles.

LG Chem Battery

The RESU10H is part of the high voltage RESU range.Using state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery technology, the RESU10H will be there to store energy from your solar panels or the grid during the day. The battery powers your home during the evening, during power outages (for dedicated circuits), when the sun is not shining, or when utility rates are at peak levels.Delivering a high quality and efficient energy storage solution design, the battery can be installed either in
DC or in AC format, empowering homeowners with a battery option that suits and interconnects with their home’s current solar setup.

Enhase AC Battery

The Enphase AC Battery is part of the Enphase Home Energy Solution, a highly adaptable energy management platform that integrates solar generation with energy storage, management, and control. The AC battery is a small, modular unit that incorporates a lithium-ion phosphate battery, a battery management system, and a state-of-the-art bi-directional microinverter. The internal microinverter is ideally matched to the battery to enable seamless charging and discharging directly from the household 240V AC supply. The Enphase AC battery can also be fitted to existing AC or DC solar systems (any solar system). This avoids the need to upgrade an existing solar system with a new inverter capable of charging batteries in order to implement energy storage.