Yap Family (26kW)

After facing the constant challenge of hefty electricity bills, the Yap family decided to explore the advantages of harnessing solar energy, especially since numerous households in their vicinity had already embraced this sustainable solution.

Initially, Mr. Yap was cautious about the idea, but after conducting thorough research on the costs and returns associated with solar systems, he ultimately opted to invest in a 26kW solar system through Solar Naturally. The attractive financing options provided by the company played a significant role in making solar power a practical choice for the Yap family. Reflecting on the decision, Mr. Yap shared, “When we had the solar system installed, there was a bit of uncertainty about whether it was the right decision. However, our perspective shifted dramatically when we received our first electricity bill.”

“It just makes financial sense to generate your own electricity and enjoy substantial savings. For anyone looking to cut down on their electricity expenses, the choice is clear—solar!”

Join the Yap family and the growing community of Australians who are now producing their own electricity with a powerful 26kW rooftop solar energy system from Solar Naturally! Reach out to us today, and let’s embark on the journey of building your solar system together!

Family name Yap
System size 26kW Solar System
Location Mosman Park
Solution 66 x 400W REC Twinpeak Norwegian Solar Panels, 1 x Fronius 20kW Inverter, 2 x Tesla Powerwall 2 Batteries
CO2 Annual Carbon Reduction 38 tons
CO2 Equivalent Reduction 135 trees planted per year