Wilcocks Family (13.28kW)

As electricity costs continued to climb, Mr. Wilcocks embarked on a mission to calculate the amount of power necessary to completely eliminate his family’s bill, initiating his search for the ideal solar system.

With four adults in the household, a sizable swimming pool, and a workshop in the backyard, the Wilcocks family is acutely aware of their energy consumption, actively striving to be as energy-efficient as possible.

Mr. Wilcocks conducted thorough research before securing a solar system, ultimately opting for Solar Naturally due to the quality of components on offer. “The installer was fantastic and treated the job with the professionalism of an industrial project,” Mr. Wilcocks noted.

Months later, armed with their first power bill after the solar system installation, Mr. Wilcocks is delighted with the decision to go solar. With recent increases in electricity prices, he’s particularly pleased to have significantly reduced a substantial portion of the family’s electrical bill.

Join the Wilcocks family and the thriving community of Australians who are now generating their own electricity with a powerful 13.28kW rooftop solar energy system from Solar Naturally! Contact us today, and let’s commence the journey of building your solar system together!

Family name Wilcocks
System size 13.28kW Solar System
Location Mosman Park
Solution 32 x Longi 415W Solar Panels, 1 x Fronius 10kW Inverter
CO2 Annual Carbon Reduction 19.81 tons
CO2 Equivalent Reduction 69 trees planted per year