White Family (4.07kW)

Amidst the surging tide of electricity prices, the White family, occupants of a typical suburban home equipped with standard appliances like heaters and air conditioning, acutely felt the impact of each incremental rate hike. It was this financial strain that prompted Mr. White to take a proactive stance towards a sustainable solution—an investment in a solar system poised to liberate his household from the shackles of perpetual bills.

“The reality is that we are grappling with ever-increasing power costs,” remarked Mr. White.

Navigating through discussions with various solar installers, Mr. White shared, “I spoke to half a dozen different people. What set Solar Naturally apart was their unwavering emphasis on the critical importance of optimal system placement; they wouldn’t install it just anywhere.”

As an average working family, the Whites found it challenging to absorb the impact of rising energy prices. Mr. White candidly expressed, “We don’t earn enough to navigate these escalating energy price rises. We’d much rather allocate our money to other priorities! I chose to go solar because I was determined never to pay another electricity bill again.”

Join the White family and the growing community of Australians who are now taking charge of their energy expenses with a 4.07kW rooftop solar energy system from Solar Naturally! Contact us today, and let’s embark on the journey of building your solar system together!

Family name White
System size 4.07kW Solar System
Location Sorrento
Solution 11 x 370W JA Deep Blue Solar Panels, 1 x Goodwe 5.0kW Inverter
CO2 Annual Carbon Reduction 6 tons
CO2 Equivalent Reduction 21 trees planted per year