Stafford Family (6.29kW)

Faced with yet another overwhelming power bill, the Stafford family decided to explore the advantages of harnessing solar energy, especially since many homes in their neighbourhood had already embraced this sustainable solution.

Mr. Stafford initially hesitated but delved into the research on the cost and payback of solar systems. Ultimately, he chose to invest with Solar Naturally, enticed by the financing solutions that made solar a practical and feasible option. “When we initially had the solar system installed, I was a bit nervous about whether I’d made the right decision,” Mr. Stafford shared. “But we were astounded when we received our first bill.”

“It just makes financial sense to generate your own electricity and save a fortune. Anyone looking to reduce their electricity bill has a choice… solar!”

Join the Staffords and the multitude of Australians who are now producing their own electricity with a 6.29kW rooftop solar energy system from Solar Naturally! Contact us today, and let’s embark on the journey of building your solar system together!

Family name Stafford
System size 6.29kW Solar System
Location Guildford
Solution 17 x 370W Longi Solar Panels, 17 x Enphase IQ7Plus Micro Inverters
CO2 Annual Carbon Reduction 9.38 tons
CO2 Equivalent Reduction 32 trees planted per year