Seah Family (13.3kW)

When the Seah family made the decision to incorporate solar energy into their home in Mount Pleasant, they had no idea just how transformative the benefits would be.

The Seahs, with a household that includes various appliances, white goods, and air-conditioners, were grappling with an average electricity bill of $800. The prospect of running an energy-intensive household, coupled with environmental considerations, led them to explore the option of solar power.

Mrs. Seah recalled the fortuitous encounter with a Solar Naturally Design Consultant at their doorstep, emphasising how fortunate it was that her husband engaged in the conversation. “If it were up to me, I might have said ‘no’ without realising the substantial financial benefits,” she admitted. Looking back, she expressed her gratitude that her husband took the initiative to sign them up for a 13.3kW solar system.

Surprisingly, the Seahs experienced even greater savings than initially expected. Their billing cycle, previously every two months, now reveals a remarkable decrease since the installation of their solar system. Formerly burdened with an $800 average, their bills have now plummeted to a range of $260-$280 for the same 60-day period.

“I’m overjoyed with the results; we should have embraced solar much sooner! Everyone should consider going solar!”

Join the Seah family and the thriving community of Australians who are now generating their own electricity with a potent 13.3kW rooftop solar energy system from Solar Naturally! Reach out to us today, and let’s embark on the journey of building your solar system together!

Family name Seah
System size 13.3kW Solar System
Location Mount Pleasant
Solution 38 x Longi 350W Solar Panels, 1 SMA Sunnyy Tripower STP10 10kW inverter. 1x Alpha ESS 5.04kWh Battery
CO2 Annual Carbon Reduction 19.84 tons
CO2 Equivalent Reduction 69 trees planted per year