SUPA IGA – Darch

  • Client: SUPA IGA
  • Location: Darch
  • System Size: 100kW Solar System
  • Equipment Used: 400 x 250W GCL Tier 1 Solar Panels, 4 x German SMA STP25000 Inverter
  • Result/Outcome: Savings of $60,000 per year year

Supa IGA is a busy local supermarket in Darch. Having many fridges and coolers in the supermarket meant that they were bound to use a lot of electricity. Previously spending over $90,000 pear year on their electricity bills and chewing into profitability heavily they chose to consult Solar Naturally as to how we could help them reduce their electricity consumption by installing a commercial solar system. After analysis by our design consultants the most suitable system size was determined to be 100kW. This produces an average of 460 units per day. Saving them over $60,000 per year on their electricity bill.