13kW Residential – Southern River

  • Client: 13kW Residential
  • Location: Southern River
  • System Size: 13kW Solar System
  • Equipment Used: 48 x 265W GCL Tier 1 Solar Panels, 2 x Goodwe Hybrid 5kW Inverter and 1 x GCL 5.6kW Lithium Battery
  • Result/Outcome: Savings of $5,800 per year

This family home in Southern River is using over 90 Units of electricity per day due to heavy usage of air conditioning and household appliances. This was resulting in spending $8,700 per year on electricity. Through monitoring the way electricity is used there was a large percentage of electricity being used during non sunlight hours. We elected to install 13kW of solar panels with a GCL lithium battery which was charged during the day and subsidized night power consumption. Their latest bill received has now dropped to under $70 for the 2 months!