10kW Residential Solar with Batteries- Roleystone

  • Client: 10kW Residential Solar with Batteries
  • Location: Roleystone
  • System Size: 10kW Solar System with 3 x GCL 5.6kW Lithium Batteries
  • Equipment Used: 40 x GCL Tier 1 250W Solar Panels, 3 x Goodwe Hybrid 5kW Inverters and 3 x GCL 5.6kW Lithium Battery
  • Result/Outcome: Electricity bill reduced by over $5,500 in first year

Our client who was paying over $7,000 per year in electricity asked us to find a solution to their power bills. Due to having a large family who work during the day the majority of their electricity was being used at night and hence needed a solar system which would be able to cater for night consumption. We recommended installing a 10kW solar system combined with 3 x GCL 5.6kW Batteries. By having 16.8kW of electricity which can be drawn from their latest technology GCL battery system, this will massively reduce their power bills in the years to come.