Solar Naturally are proud of the partnerships with solar manufacturers and research institutions which have allowed us to bring the world’s leading solar power solutions to our customers.

We choose our brand providers based on two important factors that can affect our customers. Firstly, we look for a brand provider invested in producing high quality, high efficiency products that will maximise your system’s energy output. Secondly, we look for companies who we know will be around for years to come. In the unlikely event something goes wrong, Solar Naturally and our providers will be here to help for any query you might have.


Tesla is a sustainable energy company of solar, electric cars and integrated renewable energy solutions. Tesla’s Powerwall Battery 2 is rechargeable home battery system that stores energy from your solar system and makes it available on demand. Solar Naturally are proud to partner with Tesla Energy as a Tesla Certified Installer.

Solar Naturally technicians have been trained by Tesla Energy and are Certified Energy Installers meaning Solar Naturally will install Powerwall 2 batteries to the same high standards of workmanship that have made us one of the leading independent solar companies in Australia.

SMA inverter


Micro inverters are a great alternative to the common ‘string’ solar inverter and are designed to be attached to each individual solar panel. String solar inverters are usually located on a wall some distance from the string of solar panels and connected via DC cable. In comparison, micro Inverters are attached to every solar panel, each panel works independently from the rest of the solar array and DC power is converted to AC immediately on the roof.

The main advantage of micro inverters in that each panel is monitored and optimised individually to generate maximum power. Solar panels can generate different amounts of power due to a number of reasons such as shading, dirt and mismatch. Enphase Micro Inverters allow all panels to operate at their maximum power point and not be affected by the other panels.

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SMA is a manufacturer of the world leading,German-engineered and built, solar and battery inverter solutions. SMA was established in 1981 and have been leading the industry ever since with a global footprint in over 18 countries.Being a SMA partner gives Solar Naturally access to deeper levels of training, special product bundles and included warranty upgrades. SMA PowerUP Trusted Solar Energy Partners will be able to make offers to their customer that are unique and unrivalled.